Tues 8.23.11| When People Take Over

In these times of crisis and calamity, where can we look for hope and encouragement? According to David McNally, people are coming together and creating exciting new democratic practices in locales around the globe. He points to grassroots experiments in radical democracy and truly participatory decision making in places like Tunisia, Egypt, Oaxaca, and Cochabamba.

Wed 3.23.11| Tunisia's Unfinished Revolution

Juan Cole, "Labor movement Drives Egypt, Tunisia Protests" Detroit News, February 2011








Faced with soaring food prices, meagre wages, and rampant unemployment, a revolutionary movement in Tunisia emerged late last year and quickly acheived the unthinkable: the toppling the country's longtime autocrat Zine El Abidine Ben Ali. Three leaders of Tunisia's labor movement who were instrumental in the revolution that shook North Africa -- Abdellatif Hamrouni, Najoua Makhlouf, and Sami Al-Awadi -- discuss the actions that inspired uprisings in Egypt, Libya, Bahrain, Yemen, and even the American Midwest.

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