Mon 7.27.15 | Sex Crimes and "Masculinities"

Ackerman and Furman, eds., Sex Crimes: Transnational Problems and Global Perspectives Columbia U. Press, 2015





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Why do men commit rape, child sexual abuse, and other sex crimes? Does the answer lie in the way males are brought up, in the traits they're encouraged and expected to develop? Alissa Ackerman contends that while certain aspects of masculinities -- the socially constructed ways in which men perform their manhood -- can be factors contributing to sexual violence, others can help men refrain from it.

Wed 7.22.15 | The Criminalization of Rap

Charis Kubrin and Erik Nielson, “Rap on Trial” Race and Justice (PDF)

Charis Kubrin's Tedx talk "The Threatening Nature of . . . Rap Music?"



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Young men of color who are or aspire to be rap artists have long been targeted by police departments and the FBI. The lyrics they write are often viewed not as artistic expression but as evidence of a criminal disposition or even as confessions of wrongdoing. Charis Kubrin puts the growing use of rap lyrics in criminal proceedings in context.

Tue 7.21.15 | Richard Pryor

Scott Saul, Becoming Richard Pryor Harper, 2014






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Iconoclastic comedian, talented actor, and gifted writer Richard Pryor pushed the boundaries of popular culture at a pivotal moment, laying bare uncomfortable truths about race and injustice in America. Scott Saul reflects on the comedian's formative years in a segregated country and the fluorescence of his art during a time of urban unrest, Black Power, and the counterculture of the 1960s and '70s.

Mon 7.20.15 | Profiting from Global Warming

McKenzie Funk, Windfall: The Booming Business of Global Warming Penguin, 2014






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Getting rich off of global warming may seem like the ultimate cynical business plan. But corporations are hedging their bets on unchecked climate change and the opportunities it affords. Journalist McKenzie Funk reports about the very lucrative business to be made from the deleterious effects of climate change, from opened shipping lanes in the melting Arctic to newly exposed mineral deposits, from food production on previously inhospitable land to the sale of artificial snow to the Alps.

Wed 7.15.15 | The Neoliberal Turn

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According to Michel Feher, neoliberal policies have turned individuals, corporations, and states into credit-seeking asset managers. Those people deemed asset-less (whom Feher calls "discredited") are being disposed of, in four distinct ways, in Europe. Feher spoke about the neoliberal condition at a conference in Berkeley earlier this year.

Tues 7.14.15 | The Politics of Gardening

George McKay, Radical Gardening: Politics, Idealism, and Rebellion in the Garden Frances Lincoln, 2011





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From utopian experiments with garden cities to guerrilla gardeners planting on abandoned or misused land, the garden appears to have abundant radical potentialities. Cultural critic George McKay unearths its complex politics, looking at the thorny questions of militarism, gardening, and the fascist right, as well as myriad experiments by those on the left. He concludes that gardens remain a fertile site for political action.

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