Mon 11.17.14 | Radical Convergence Around Health

Brown and Birn, eds., Comrades in Health: U.S. Health Internationalists, Abroad and at Home Rutgers U. Press, 2013

Fee and Brown, eds., Making Medical History: The Life and Times of Henry E. Sigerist Johns Hopkins U. Press, 1997


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According to Theodore Brown, proletarian internationalism converged with social medicine in the early twentieth century; what emerged, he asserts, was a “health internationalism” rooted in the belief that factors shaping health are embedded in the social and political order. Brown's narrative encompasses the efforts of iconic radicals like Marx and Engels as well as the work of lesser-known but influential figures like Henry Sigerist and Andrija Štampar.

Wed 11.12.14 | Not Enough for Retirement

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You may be doing everything by the book, but will you have enough to retire on? If you're like most Americans, the answer is no. Sociologist James Russell weighs in on how pensions like 401(k)s put all the risk on the individual -- and siphon a large part of the rewards off for the financial services industry. He also talks about efforts, like the one he led, to switch back to traditional pension plans.


Tues 11.11.14 | Out of Prison, Into What?

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In this era of mass incarceration, more than half a million people leave state and federal prisons each year. Where do they go, and what do they encounter and experience as they re-enter society? David Harding, who has been studying the phenomenon of prisoner reentry and reintegration, reviews the factors that affect the ability of ex-inmates to rebuild their lives.

Mon 11.10.14 | African Americans and the Environment

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Why are African Americans missing from our collective imagery of the environment and environmentalism?  Cultural geographer Carolyn Finney discusses both the history of African Americans and nature -- as it's defined in the United States -- and the history of African American environmentalism, separating myth from fact.

Wed 11.05.14 | State Violence in Mexico

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The events of late September have shaken Mexico: a police attack on students in the city of Iguala, leading to the disappearance of 43 people who were turned over by the municipal police to a drug cartel. Journalist John Gibler has been reporting from Iguala. He discusses how the Mexican state benefits from the drug war. Gibler also explains what the story of EPR guerrilla Andrés Tzompaxtle tells us about the continuum of state repression in Mexico.

Tues 11.04.14 | Orwell and the Spanish Civil War

George Orwell, Homage to Catalonia Harcourt, 1969







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Was what happened in Spain beginning in 1936 a civil war or a workers' revolution? It's called the Spanish Civil War, and it did pit Francisco Franco's forces against a democratically elected government, but what George Orwell discovered when he arrived in Spain was "a revolution in full swing." Adam Hochschild talks about the conflicts, their international context, and Orwell's Homage to Catalonia. (Encore presentation.)

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