Tues 3.11.14 | Nonviolence Before Gandhi

Amster & Ndura, eds., Exploring the Power of Nonviolence: Peace, Politics, and Practice Syracuse U. Press, 2013




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We usually associate nonviolent protest with Gandhi and Dr. King; some might go back further, to Tolstoy and Thoreau. According to Micah Alpaugh, the Parisian masses who propelled the French Revolution are also part of that grand and influential tradition. Alpaugh describes as well what popular sovereignty and democracy meant to the French protesters.

Tues 3.20.12 | Two Icons and a Fresh Voice

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Grace Lee Boggs and Angela Davis have thought, written, and acted courageously for decades. In a rare joint presentation on March 2, they spoke about, among other things, Occupy, nonviolence, and grassroots activism. Alex Gilvarry is a relative newcomer to political thinking, but his debut novel follows an immigrant to the US who winds up at Guantanamo.
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