Wed 10.31.12 | University as Factory

The Edu-factory Collective, Toward a Global Autonomous University Autonomedia, 2009

Gigi Roggero, The Production of Living Knowledge Temple U. Press, 2011

What role do colleges and universities play in the global capitalist order? How does escalating student debt fit within broader political-economic trends and tendencies? What does the Edu-factory Collective mean when it claims that "what was once the factory is now the university"? Max Haiven navigated these issues in a recent talk.


Tues 9.11.12 | Finance Capitalism

We are now in an era of global finance capitalism, says Richard Peet. But what does this mean? What's the relationship between finance capitalism and neoliberalism? Does finance capital exploit differently than industrial capital? And what are finance capitalism's main features and contradictions? Richard Peet explains how we got to this point; he also describes the perils of the current political-economic moment.

Tues 9.04.12 | Criminalizing the Homeless, Criminalizing the Rest of Us

Christina Heatherton & Jordan T. Camp (eds), Freedom Now! Struggles for the Human Right to Housing in LA and Beyond Freedom Now Books, 2012




Homelessness may seem a fact of life in a highly unequal society. But there's much more to it than that. Radical scholars Christina Heatherton and Jordan T. Camp argue that homelessness is fundamentally tied to an intensely racialized form of political control and economic restructuring of our society over the past 40 years, unleashed partially in response to the black freedom struggle and urban rebellions of the 1960s. They discuss why places like Los Angeles' Skid Row have become a laboratory for policies that ultimately will be applied to our society at large.

Mon 8.01.11| Murdoch and the British State

Iain Boal






While revelations about the unsavory methods of Rupert Murdoch's media empire fill the newspapers, his role in supporting the neoliberal transformation of the UK -- first under Margaret Thatcher, then Labour's Tony Blair, and now under David Cameron -- is perhaps more scandalous. Social historian Iain Boal discusses media, labor, and austerity in Britain, as well as the gutting of higher education.

Tues 6.28.11| Climate Chaos

Christian Parenti, Tropic of Chaos: Climate Change and the New Geography of ViolenceNation Books, 2011

Christian Parenti speaking at a KPFA benefit on July 14th



Residents of the Global North may be justly wringing their hands about flooding, droughts, and freak weather, but the most worrying effects of climate change are expected to hit the countries of the Global South, especially those in the broad regions on either side of the equator. Christian Parenti has reported from that vast area and discusses the shape that climate-related social dislocation is already taking, as well as the militarized plans of the rich countries to keep poor climate refugees out.

Mon 6.13.11| Moving Toward Socialism in Bolivia?

The actions of militant social movements in Bolivia over the past ten years, which led to the election of indigenous president Evo Morales, have heartened many radicals in Latin America and beyond. But what if Morales, and his Movement Toward Socialism, represent not a break from the past quarter-century of neoliberalism, but a reconfigured version of it? Marxist scholar Jeffrey Webber makes that assertion, tracing the recent political economy of Bolivia and analyzing the trajectory of social movements toward the ballot box.

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