Mon 1.20.14 | Race and Reparations

Charles Henry, Long Overdue: The Politics of Racial Reparations NYU Press, 2009



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Maybe you think the push for racial reparations is mainly, or solely, about money. What if it weren't? What if the demands of reparations advocates were taken seriously, in all their variety and complexity? Charles Henry recounts several key reparations struggles and suggests ways of achieving reparative justice.

Tues 1.07.14 | Remote Detention

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Asylum seekers and migrants without papers are often arrested and taken to detention facilities purposely sited far from population centers -- and sometimes on remote islands. Alison Mountz discusses US, Australian, and other national policies to disperse and isolate detainees, often hiding their location from family members and potential advocates. She also describes efforts to find and assist detainees. Also, Matt Mitchelson explains the broader project of the volume to which Mountz contributed.

Tues 12.31.13 | A Look Back

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Several highlights from 2013, including David Graeber on private property; Priya Kandaswamy on the politics of "deservingness"; Ron Glass on Paulo Freire's radical pedagogy; Rashad Shabazz on prisons and disease; and Eduardo Galeano.

Mon 12.30.13 | Sustaining Activism

Jeffrey Rubin & Emma Sokoloff-Rubin, Sustaining Activism: A Brazilian Women's Movement and a Father-Daughter Collaboration Duke U. Press, 2013

Rubin & Sokoloff-Rubin, “International Women’s Day and Gender Equality in Brazil” Americas Quarterly

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What happens when an historian brings his teenage daughter along to study a women's movement begun by teenagers? And what can a social movement in rural Brazil tell us about activism, social change, and possibilities for greater democracy? Jeffrey Rubin and Emma Sokoloff-Rubin tell the story of women who fought for social justice and for equality at home.

Mon 11.25.13 | Nurture, Not Nature?

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It's an argument widely accepted within, and forcefully promoted by, feminist and queer circles: Gender and sexuality are socially constructed; they are the product of only socialization and social norms. Julia Serano believes this crucially ignores the role played by biology. She forwards what she calls a holistic model of gender and sexuality.

Wed 7.10.13 | What Can Environmentalism Do?

In the face of climate change, land degradation, and ecosystem destruction, the question of environmentalism's power and potential becomes ever more urgent. Andrew Ross, Mark Engler, and Charles Callaway presented at a recent Left Forum session dedicated to that topic. They spoke about, among other things, climate debt, environmental justice, universal basic income, and even same-sex marriage.

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