Tues 7.02.13 | Turkish Turbulence

Zeynep Gambetti

Zeynep Gambetti, "Beginning Again in Taksim" Desinformémonos




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Why are so many people in so many of Turkey's cities and towns rising up against the government of Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan? What social, political, and economic demands are being advanced, and what are protesters creating on the ground? Zeynep Gambetti shares her insights into the meaning and impact of the protests with Charlotte Sáenz.

Mon 7.01.13 | A People's History of Baseball

Mitchell Nathanson, A People's History of Baseball U. of Illinois Press, 2012

Mitchell Nathanson, The Fall of the 1977 Phillies McFarland, 2008




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Has the game of baseball developed independently of social and political forces and movements in this country? Certainly not, says Mitchell Nathanson. He traces the impact of class-based concerns, racial dynamics, labor struggles, and 1960s protest mobilizations on baseball's origins and development. Nathanson also considers the oft-propagated story of baseball as America.

Tues 6.25.13 | Interpreting Occupy

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The meaning of Occupy, its place within the history of left movements, and its impact on current and future organizing were discussed at a recent session of Left Forum 2013. The panel included Joseph Schwartz, Yates McKee, Sarah Leonard, Bhaskar Sunkara, and Frances Fox Piven.

Wed 6.19.13 | Left Forum Voices

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Joel Kovel, Terisa Turner, Tadzio Müller, and Kanya D'Almeida spoke at this year's Left Forum gathering, held in early June in New York City. Kovel, Turner, and D'Almeida participated in a session called “Ecosocialism: Coming to a Horizon Near You.” Müller spoke with Ernesto Aguilar about the current state of climate justice activism.

Wed 5.01.13 | May Day Meanings

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What do you think of when May Day comes around? Aziz Choudry, Jodi Dean, Chris Dixon, Max Haiven, and Richard Peet weigh in with their reflections. Also featured are clips from a Pacifica Radio Archives documentary that explores the origins of International Workers' Day and the labor firebrands and struggles the day commemorates. It includes archival May Day reports from Vietnam, Africa, and elsewhere.

Mon 4.29.13 | Cracking the System

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How did anti-capitalist revolution fare in the twentieth century? John Holloway says it failed. The influential theorist and author believes we need to rethink revolution; we need to break the logic of capital in a different and distinctive way. Holloway believes that capitalism can be brought down only by the proliferation of "cracks," spaces in which people move "in the opposite direction."

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