Mon 8.17.09| The Red and the Black

The First International was founded in 1864, but a decade later the anarchists, led by Mikhail Bakunin, and the socialists, led by Karl Marx, rancorously parted ways -- and anarchism and socialism have since been uneasy allies and often outright antagonists. Yet at a moment when capitalism is unraveling, as Andrej Grubacic argues, perhaps it's time to see what common ground can be found between the two most potent tendencies within the radical left.

Wed 2.18.09| Capitalism and Its Discontents

In a moment of nearly unprecedented economic crisis, what is the Left proposing as a means of reaching a better world? On a series about the global economic meltdown, radical scholars Andrej Grubacic and Dick Walker talk about recent debates at the World Social Forum and the connections between finance capital and the economic crisis.

Mon 12.15.08| 1968: The Year that Shook the World

1968: The Year that Shook the World, a project of KPFA Radio



Forty years ago, a wave of political and social upheaval swept the globe.
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