Mon 3.02.15 | Oil Change

Barrett and Worden, eds., Oil Culture U. of Minnesota Press, 2014

Frederick Buell, From Apocalypse to Way of Life: Environmental Crisis in the American Century Routledge, 2003


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In an important sense, oil has made us into who we are, by transforming societies, reshaping economic regimes, and infiltrating our everyday lives. Fred Buell examines the dynamics of oil exuberance and catastrophe in the context of boom-bust cycles, mass consumerism, and other aspects of what he calls “oil-electric capitalism.”

Wed 11.28.12| The New Genetics; Stopping Coal

Scientists are some of the most outspoken critics of global warming, with an overwhelming majority of scientists seeing human activity -- such as the burning of coal -- as the main cause of climate change. Yet there are other areas where science is divided. One is over the degree to which our genes determine our lot in life. Radical scientist Steven Rose about the perils of the "new genetics." And Ted Nace reflects on a remarkable grassroots campaign in 2007 to keep coal plants from being built in the United States.

Wed 12.23.09| Stopping Coal

We all know that without stopping the production of coal, there is no way to significantly slow global warming. Ted Nace tells the little known story of the incredibly successful campaign to stop the construction of new coal plants in the US -- derailing 109 proposed plants -- organized not by the big environmental organizations but by many disparate rural groups.
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