Alison Hope Alkon

Tues 11.27.12| Farmers' Markets, the Green Economy, and Inequality

Alison Hope Alkon, Black, White, and Green: Farmers Markets, Race, and the Green Economy, University of Georgia Press, 2012

Alison Hope Alkon at University Press Books in Berkeley on November 28th at 6pm

Farmers' markets appear to embody many of the qualities of the much touted green economy -- environmentally sustainable, local, and wholesome. Yet as a solution, according to sociologist Alison Hope Alkon, they tend to reinforce, not undermine, racial and class inequality. Alkon explores the limitations of farmers' markets and the market-driven green economy, by contrasting a farmers' market in affluent and white North Berkeley with a now-closed market in poor and predominantly African American West Oakland. 

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