Alison Hope Alkon

Tues 11.27.12| Farmers' Markets, the Green Economy, and Inequality

Alison Hope Alkon, Black, White, and Green: Farmers Markets, Race, and the Green Economy, University of Georgia Press, 2012

Alison Hope Alkon at University Press Books in Berkeley on November 28th at 6pm

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Farmers' markets appear to embody many of the qualities of the much touted green economy -- environmentally sustainable, local, and wholesome. Yet as a solution, according to sociologist Alison Hope Alkon, they tend to reinforce, not undermine, racial and class inequality. Alkon explores the limitations of farmers' markets and the market-driven green economy, by contrasting a farmers' market in affluent and white North Berkeley with a now-closed market in poor and predominantly African American West Oakland. 

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