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Tues 2.25.14 | Climate Change's “Evil Twin”

Washington Sea Grant's ocean acidification page

"Sea Change," a six-part series in The Seattle Times




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Carbon dioxide generated by the burning of fossil fuels is being absorbed into the oceans with already serious -- and potentially catastrophic -- consequences for marine life and human life. Meg Chadsey describes the phenomenon of ocean acidification and the myriad physical and social threats it poses.

Mon 2.24.14 | Exit Right

Raymond Craib







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It's a vision for a gated community of the rich, where everything is private and no taxes are paid, far outside of the sovereign territory of the nation-state. Historian Raymond Craib talks about visions for right-wing libertarian enclaves, from the failed attempt to build the Republic of Minerva on a coral reef in the South Pacific, to the Seasteading Institute plan to construct a floating city off of San Francisco.

Tues 2.04.14 through Wed 2.19.14

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Mon 2.03.14 | Technology and the West

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The photographer Eadweard Muybridge met Leland Stanford at a time when technological breakthroughs were beginning to alter myriad aspects of everyday life. Muybridge's innovations paved the way for cinema; Stanford's obsessions fueled the beginnings of Silicon Valley; and Rebecca Solnit has written a book about the consciousness-changing advent of modern technology.

Wed 1.29.14 | Bottom Billion Capitalism

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How do we help the billion-plus humans who live in extreme poverty? Is microfinance part of the answer, and how should we evaluate its connection to "bottom billion capitalism," the effort to integrate desperately poor people into global circulations of finance capital? Ananya Roy looks at how poverty is viewed and addressed.

Tues 1.28.14 | Leary, Weil, Smith, and Ram Dass

Don Lattin

Don Lattin, "Leary's Legacy" California magazine





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Four men who would have a profound impact on U.S. culture converged at Harvard in the early 1960s. In The Harvard Psychedelic Club, Don Lattin tells the story of what Timothy Leary, Ram Dass, Andrew Weil, and Huston Smith did, how they interacted, and how they influenced the psychedelic, countercultural, spiritual, and holistic-health movements of the 1960s and '70s and way beyond.

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