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Wed 12.21.11 | Co-ops Under Capitalism

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What if workers at a firm democratically decided how the work is to be done and where the profits should go? Worker co-ops already exist, of course, and many have been quite successful. So how much of a challenge does the cooperative form of organization pose to the capitalist status quo? Ian Seda-Irizarry talks about the strengths and limitations of the cooperative model.

Tues 12.20.11 | Christopher Hitchens v Chris Hedges on Religion

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The late Christopher Hitchens was a prodigiously gifted writer and polemicist. He was also an enormously provocative and controversial one. In 2007, KPFA organized a debate between journalist Chris Hedges and Hitchens on the subject of religion, to a rapt and overflowing audience, which ultimately inspired Hedges to write his book I Don't Believe in Atheists.

Mon 12.19.11 | Action and Reaction in the Arab World

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The Arab world has undergone dramatic transformations in the past year. Tariq Ali assesses the people's uprisings and casts a critical eye on both US foreign policy and Western media coverage. He also considers the impact of developments in the Middle East and north Africa on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

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Wed 12.07.11 | A World of Sciences

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Western science and technology are the motors that drive social progress; no other knowledge system comes anywhere close. It's a widely held view, an example of Western exceptionalism and triumphalism -- but is it correct? The philosopher of science Sandra Harding talks about knowledge appropriation, the failure of "development," and the value and sophistication of non-Western ways of thinking.

Tues 12.06.11 | UFW's Rank and File

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Cesar Chavez and the United Farm Workers may seem synonymous. The charismatic leader headed up the union through strikes and boycotts that garnered nation-wide attention and made him a labor icon. Former farm worker Frank Bardacke, however, argues that the history of the UFW needs to be understood from the bottom up. In a remarkable new book, he reveals the mainly untold story of the UFW's militant rank and file, who brought their own radical traditions to the union and clashed with union staff in ways that shaped the organization's fate.

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