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Mon 3.05.12 | Intersex Children, Genital Surgery

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Remember all that stuff you learned in sex ed about gender, about the traits that dictate gender identity? Anne Tamar-Mattis says a lot of what we learned is, in fact, misinformation. She describes what happens to young children born with so-called intersex conditions; one option frequently pursued is irreversible genital surgery.

Wed 2.29.12 | Labor Pains

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Occupy Wall Street has brought the issue of class inequality to the forefront of American politics in a way that unions have not. Hence, organized labor and the Occupy movement would appear to be natural allies, but their relationship is not seamless.  Radical Occupy participants and union organizers Angela MacWhinnie and Adrian Maldonado talk about successful collaborations between trade unions and Occupy, the places where friction has emerged, and the challenges that the Occupy movement faces in reaching out to most working class people.

Tues 2.28.12 | Pictures Against Power

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Mr. Fish creates one-of-a-kind political cartoons that offer scathing critiques of business elites, the mass media, rampant militarization, and politicians of all stripes. He highlights a number of problems with status-quo thinking on both the right and the left. Also, Seth Adler describes Left Forum, an annual conference that convenes this year in Manhattan from March 16 through 18.
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Mon 2.27.12 | Labor and the Wisconsin Upsurge

Michael D. Yates (ed.), Wisconsin Uprising: Labor Fights Back Monthly Review Press, 2012






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Last February, thousands of protestors occupied Wisconsin's state capitol trying to prevent the passage of legislation gutting collective bargaining rights for public sector workers. It was tremendously inspiring, but ultimately unsuccessful. Labor educator Michael Yates looks back at the upsurge in Wisconsin and ruminates on the lessons to be drawn from it, especially for unions. (The first part in a two-part series on unions and the social movements of the last year.)

Wed 2.01.12 through Wed 2.22.12

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Tues 1.31.12 | A Look Back

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Some highlights from the past year, including Loïc Wacquant on the punitive state, Laura Nader on judging foreign cultures, Timothy Morton on ecological thinking, Robin D. G. Kelley on racial politics and anticolonialism, and Lochlann Jain on cancer in US culture.
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