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Mon 3.12.12 | Imagined Community?

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The term "community" is everywhere. It is used by those in power -- witness the "business community" -- and those with no power. But what does it actually mean? Should people on the left continue to claim it? Or is it too flawed a concept, with real political dangers attached? Anthropologist Gerald Creed talks about the history of "the community," the explosion of the term since the early 1990s, and why it remains so ubiquitous. (Encore presentation.)

Wed 3.07.12 | Money, Finance, and the Power of Symbols

David Hawkes, "Faust Among the Witches: Towards An Ethics of Representation" Early Modern Culture

David Hawkes, Ideology Routledge, 2003 (revised 2d ed.)

David Hawkes, The Culture of Usury in Renaissance England Palgrave Macmillan, 2010

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At the heart of the global economy, a regime dominated by lending and finance, is a symbol we call money. What does this say about who we are and how we work, and what ethical judgments can and should be made about money, wage labor, and capital investment? David Hawkes draws connections among money, human labor-time, usury, and other cultures' beliefs in magic.

Tues 3.06.12 | Youth Violence, Violence Against Youth

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If you were to go off the mainstream media, you would think youth violence is on the rise. But is it? East Asian scholar Adrienne Carey Hurley has taken a careful look at the demonization of young people in both the United States and Japan. She discusses the less noted but widespread abuse that children and youth are subjected to. Hurley also talks about mass protests by students in Québec, as well as the anniversary of the Fukushima nuclear meltdown.

Mon 3.05.12 | Intersex Children, Genital Surgery

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Remember all that stuff you learned in sex ed about gender, about the traits that dictate gender identity? Anne Tamar-Mattis says a lot of what we learned is, in fact, misinformation. She describes what happens to young children born with so-called intersex conditions; one option frequently pursued is irreversible genital surgery.

Wed 2.29.12 | Labor Pains

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Occupy Wall Street has brought the issue of class inequality to the forefront of American politics in a way that unions have not. Hence, organized labor and the Occupy movement would appear to be natural allies, but their relationship is not seamless.  Radical Occupy participants and union organizers Angela MacWhinnie and Adrian Maldonado talk about successful collaborations between trade unions and Occupy, the places where friction has emerged, and the challenges that the Occupy movement faces in reaching out to most working class people.

Tues 2.28.12 | Pictures Against Power

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Mr. Fish creates one-of-a-kind political cartoons that offer scathing critiques of business elites, the mass media, rampant militarization, and politicians of all stripes. He highlights a number of problems with status-quo thinking on both the right and the left. Also, Seth Adler describes Left Forum, an annual conference that convenes this year in Manhattan from March 16 through 18.
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