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Tues 4.10.12 | Revolutionaries

Manning Marable, Malcolm X: A Life of Reinvention Penguin, 2011

Herb Boyd et al., eds., By Any Means Necessary: Malcolm X: Real, Not Reinvented Third World Press, 2012

Tom Stoppard's The Coast of Utopia: Voyage at Shotgun Players

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Last month at Left Forum, Amiri Baraka, Bill Fletcher, Jr., and Haki Madhubuti debated the merits of the late Manning Marable's controversial biography of Malcolm X. And three plays written by Tom Stoppard consider a host of nineteenth-century Russian radicals. Patrick Dooley's Shotgun Players is staging the trilogy's first installment.

Mon 4.09.12 | The Black Panthers' Medical Activism

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The Black Panther Party left a rich legacy of militant and innovative organizing. Yet one component of their work is largely forgotten -- even in the birthplace of the Panthers, the Bay Area. Sociologist Alondra Nelson discusses the Black Panther Party's medical activism, from setting up free clinics to screening for sickle cell anemia. She situates its work within a long tradition of African American health advocacy and considers its legacy forty years on.

Wed 4.04.12 | Selma James on Class and Gender

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Many on the left see the working class as the primary agent of radical change. Where does this leave people like housewives and others whose work goes uncompensated? Selma James sees unwaged work as crucial to capitalism's operation and continuation. She addresses the relationship between gender and class, and examines power relations within the working class.

Tues 4.03.12 | Adrienne Rich

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A week ago, one of America's greatest poets and public intellectuals died. Adrienne Rich was in her twenties she was selected by WH Auden for the Yale Younger Poets award and subsquently won all the most prestigious awards in poetry.  In the ferment of the 1960s and 70s she moved away from formalism, as her politics became more radical. In an extensive interview conducted with Rich at the height of her powers, she reflected on her early life and poetry, as well as the personal politics of race and sexuality.

Mon 4.02.12 | Enclosure, Luddism, and Magna Carta

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Once there was a lot of land that anyone could access and from which anyone could take what they needed to survive. When that land, and other common resources, was enclosed, people, including machine-breakers called Luddites, rose up. Peter Linebaugh talks about Luddism, the fencing off of the commons, popular resistance to dispossession, and the radical message and enduring influence of the Magna Carta.

Wed 3.28.12 | The Left's Direction

Left Forum







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Radicals gathered in New York for the annual Left Forum. Yet they had very different political visions.  Labor educator Elaine Bernard spoke about the need to reclaim the public sector, while autonomist Marxist John Holloway advocated breaking away from capitalist social relations in the here and now. Chris Hedges defended nonviolence, while Arun Gupta advocated a militant yet strategic approach in his assessment of six months of the Occupy movement.
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