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Wed 9.28.11| Armed Struggle and the New Left

Armed struggle by militant groups in the 1970s, who hoped to topple unjust and racist governments and end imperial wars, may seem like the dark side of a tumultuous but increasingly distant era. Yet they posed questions still unanswered today. Historian and activist Jeremy Varon talks about the complex legacy of the Weather Underground and the Red Army Faction.

Tues 9.27.11| Poor Whites Unite

Greasers, red necks, crackers, hillbillies--the view of poor whites in the US, by the left as well as the mainstream, has not been a flattering one. Their racism in opposing civil rights and busing has been taken as a fixed phenomenon.  James Tracy and Amy Sonnie argue that there's more to the story.  They discuss the organizations formed by poor and working class whites in the 1960s and 70s, some allied with the Black Panthers, against racism and for social justice.

Mon 9.26.11| Neo-African Music and Resistance

Timothy Brennan, Secular Devotion: Afro-Latin Music and Imperial Jazz Verso, 2008





Afro-Latin music is a multi-million dollar industry, but according to Timothy Brennan, it speaks to a world outside of the relations of the market--and that's what makes it irresistible. Brennan talks about cultural resistance, the Afro-Cuban roots music known as the son, and the pioneering scholarship of Cuban novelist Alejo Carpentier. (Encore presentation.)

Wed 9.21.11 | Global Capital's Impact: A Case Study

You call an 800 number for technical support, and you get a person in India. Thousands of workers at call centers in that country serve the customers of major transnational corporations. Radha Hegde describes what the new high-tech work environments in Bangalore, India are doing to gender relations, class distinctions, and cultural attitudes. Also, Martha Burk weighs in on anti-woman political rhetoric.

Tues 9.20.11 | Death of the Bookstore?

The independent bookstore is dead -- long live the bookstore? Bucking the trend, veteran bookseller Andrew Laties insists that the future of independent bookstores is bright, despite the closure of thousands of stores small and large, including huge chains like Borders. He discusses reading, books, and capitalism, and explains why he believes literary activity is flourishing.

Mon 9.19.11 | Lincoln, Marx, and the Civil War

Robin Blackburn, An Unfinished Revolution: Karl Marx and Abraham Lincoln Verso, 2011




Karl Marx and Abraham Lincoln: They may seem an unlikely pair, but they knew of each other, and Marx was intensely interested in the Civil War and the fate of slavery. Marx also influenced the culture and trajectory of US worker radicalism, which fueled the bitter and bloody labor conflicts of late nineteenth-century America. Robin Blackburn writes about all this in a new book.

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