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Film scholar Linda Williams's new book examines the ways in which the television series The Wire broke new ground.



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Tues 5.26.15 | Celebrating Consumption

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Could spending be virtuous and thrift bad? Left-wing economic and cultural historian James Livingston thinks so. He suggests -- taking on the 19th-century Populists, the Frankfurt School, and current economic orthodoxy along the way -- that consumption is good for social justice and the environment. Livingston argues that, in place of austerity and frugality, investment should be socialized, wages increased, and the workweek shortened.

Mon 5.25.15 | Is Overpopulation the Culprit?

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Too few resources, too many people. That's the received wisdom in most of the environmental movement, mainstream or radical. But can that assumption withstand close scrutiny? Not according to population scholar Betsy Hartmann, who interrogates whether overpopulation is a main -- or the main -- cause of our ecological woes. She also discusses the far Right's courting of liberal environmentalism.

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Mon 5.04.15 | Feminist Visionaries

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They were socialists, free love advocates, birth control campaigners, and trade unionists. Feminist historian Sheila Rowbotham describes the women who transformed gender relations in the US and the UK at the turn of the last century, prefiguring in many ways the New Left, and embodying an optimism about social change that is sorely lacking today.

Wed 4.29.15 | Going to Waste

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Prodigious amounts of usable and edible waste are produced by commercial enterprises. They, and the capitalist system, try to keep that waste out of public view. Alex Barnard and Marie Mourad discuss the politics of waste and describe efforts, by freegans and Disco Soupe and others, to recover and reclaim and, in some cases, live off of waste.

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