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Mon 4.27.15 | No Alternative?

Richard Swift, S.O.S. Alternatives to Capitalism New Internationalist, 2014






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Since the global financial crisis, capitalism has been seen as the culprit for so many of the world's woes, from inequality to the destruction of the environment. Yet no other system appears to be viable. But is that in fact the case? Journalist Richard Swift assesses anarchism, state socialism, social democracy, and the left turn in Latin America. He makes the case for eco-socialism and degrowth.

Wed 4.22.15 | Beyond Autonomy; Toward Mothering; Remembering Galeano

The Radical Imagination Project and Festival

Ardath Whynacht

Eduardo Galeano, Children of the Days: A Calendar of Human History, transl. by Mark Fried, Nation Books, 2013


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At the Radical Imagination Festival, Ardath Whynacht asked attendees to consider what trauma-informed social justice might look like; she also contested many radicals' emphasis on autonomy. Andrea Smith spoke about the importance of incorporating mothering into political thinking and struggle. And we remember the great Uruguayan writer Eduardo Galeano, who died last week.

Tues 4.21.15 | African Americans and the Environment

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Why are African Americans missing from our collective imagery of the environment and environmentalism?  Cultural geographer Carolyn Finney discusses both the history of African Americans and nature -- as it's defined in the United States -- and the history of African American environmentalism, separating myth from fact.

Mon 4.20.15 | Failing to Stop Global Warming

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The effects of global warming are not just waiting for us in the future, but are here already in the form of droughts, superstorms, fires, and other types of extreme weather. Yet politicians have done little over the last twenty-five years to halt climate change. Dale Jamieson examines how and why attempts to stop global warming failed -- or weren't even tried.

Wed 4.15.15 | Nuclear Weapons: An Affront to Democracy

Elaine Scarry, Thermonuclear Monarchy: Choosing Between Democracy and Doom W. W. Norton, 2014

Vincent Intondi, African Americans Against the Bomb Stanford U. Press, 2015



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According to Elaine Scarry, the possession of nuclear weapons and the functioning of a democracy are fundamentally incompatible. In a wide-ranging talk, Scarry brought up an array of issues and developments, including the meaning of the Second Amendment; whether soldiers are mindless automatons; how Congressional deliberation differs from presidential deliberation; and the difference between statistical compassion and narrative compassion.

Tues 4.14.15 | Nonprofits and Housing Privatization in New Orleans

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Nonprofit organizations make up much of what we often think of as the left in this country -- focusing on housing rights, the environment, and many other deserving issues. But is their influence benign? Could there be a connection between nonprofits and the neoliberal project of privatization and cutting back public services? Activist and sociologist John Arena contends that nonprofits were key in getting poor people to go along with public housing privatization in New Orleans, with terrible consequences.

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