Tues 12.28.10| Animal Lib

Why should those of us who eat meat care about animal liberation? Sociologist Bob Torres argues that the oppression of animals and capitalism are intrinsically bound up with each other. And he posits that the mainstream animal rights movement has been misguided in both theory and tactics.

Mon 12.27.10| Af-Pak Geopolitics

What is the US government's real agenda in Afghanistan and Pakistan? Is it engaged in anything that contradicts its official alliance with Pakistan? And how big of a factor is natural resources in what the US war machine is doing? Kiren Chaudhry has gone to the region to investigate. In a conversation this past August, she characterized the US military/security effort as chaotic.

Wed 12.22.10| Climate Change, Social Change

Bond, Dada and Erion, eds., Climate Change, Carbon Trading and Civil Society U. of Kwazulu Natal Press, 2009

Joseph Romm, Straight Up Island Press, 2010

Joe Romm's blog Climate Progress

Parts of the world are already losing their glaciers and their water supplies. Others are getting hit with unprecedented floods. Low-lying nations are making plans to evacuate their populations. So, what's a world to do about climate change? Patrick Bond and Joseph Romm weigh in with very different perspectives.

Tues 12.21.10| Empire Abroad, Surveillance At Home

As the nineteenth century drew to a close, the US engineered its conquest of the Philippines. According to Alfred McCoy, the security and surveillance methods introduced and refined by the US in the Philippines were brought home to these shores, for use in domestic policing, intelligence, and other repressive techniques and systems that had profound consequences for civil liberties.

Mon 12.20.10| From Faith to Atheism

Louise Antony, ed. Philosophers Without Gods: Meditations on Atheism and the Secular Life Oxford U. Press, 2010

Joseph Levine, Purple Haze: The Puzzle of Consciousness Oxford U. Press, 2003

Joseph Levine grew up an Orthodox Jew, found himself attracted to the '60s counterculture, and studied in Israel for two years. Soon after, he became an atheist. Levine talks about his upbringing, about Torah Jewish practice and doctrine, and about the ideas that spurred him to reject religious faith.

Wed 12.08.10| Indigenous Insurgencies

John Womack, Jr. and Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz, Dreams of Revolution: Oklahoma, 1917 Monthly Review

Dan Berger ed., Hidden 1970s: Histories of Radicalism Rutgers, 2010

Insurrection and resistance are as much a part of the history of these lands as dispossession and occupation. Native American historian Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz has make it her life's work to shine a light on such history, which is so often hidden. She discusses the little known Green Corn Rebellion in 1917, as well as the struggles by native peoples in the 1970s.
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