Tues 11.12.13 | Panther Politics and Context

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In the face of severe state repression, the Black Panther Party managed for a time not just to survive, but to flourish. Why? What were the political dynamics that drove the explosive growth of the revolution-minded Panthers? And how important were the Party's community programs to its resilience and its revolutionary agenda? Waldo Martin has co-authored a book that tackles these and other issues. (Encore presentation.)

Mon 11.11.13 | Shari'a and Islamic Law: A Primer

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Some say shari'a is taking over, that it's infiltrating the US and must be stopped. But what does shari'a mean, exactly? And what does Islamic law actually prescribe (and proscribe)? Mohammad Fadel and Lena Salaymeh, both university-based Islamic legal scholars and part of islawmix, share their expertise.

Wed 11.06.13 | Making Sense of Intersex

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A new German law allows parents and doctors not to classify certain newborns as either male or female. A lawsuit in the US targets surgery done on a 16-month-old child with an intersex condition. Anne Tamar-Mattis comments on these developments and provides deep context.

Wed 11.06.13 (WBAI) What Missionaries Provoked

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Tues 11.05.13 | Libraries and the Alternative Press

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Unique and vital perspectives are and have been offered up by underground newspapers, zines, and other radical publications. But alternative materials are for the most part not carried by libraries. Alycia Sellie comments on the value of alternative publications and describes behind-the-scenes efforts, by her and other activist librarians, to get them into library collections.

Mon 11.04.13 | Internet-Fueled Protest

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Yes, the Internet has made political organizing easier -- but has it actually created new reasons to protest? In other words, have digital technologies not just facilitated protest but added to why people take action? Francesca Polletta argues that the Internet has forged new grievances and has redrawn the boundary between public and private.

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