Mon 12.23.13 | Bottom Billion Capitalism

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How do we help the billion-plus humans who live in extreme poverty? Is microfinance part of the answer, and how should we evaluate its connection to "bottom billion capitalism," the effort to integrate desperately poor people into global circulations of finance capital? Ananya Roy looks at how poverty is viewed and addressed.

Wed 12.18.13 | Assaults on the Public (Sector)

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Many nations' public sectors have been decimated by structural adjustment. James Pfeiffer describes what's happened; he also asserts that PEPFAR, which targets HIV-AIDS, degrades public systems, with tragic consequences for poor people. In Mozambique and elsewhere, PEPFAR funds lamentably go mostly to NGOs.

Tues 12.17.13 | The Idea of Haiti

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Haiti got rid of slavery long before supposedly enlightened nations like France and the US did. So what's the relationship between the banning of slavery in Haiti in 1804 and the way that nation has been systematically undermined? Nick Nesbitt offers an answer; he also relates the notion of “socialism in one country," propounded by Stalin, to the reality, over many decades, of antislavery in one country (Haiti).

Mon 12.09.13 through Mon 12.16.13

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Wed 12.04.13 | The Case For Free Tuition

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With college tuitions rising, student debt soaring, corporate agendas dictating research, and academic job security under attack, what do we do about the multiple crises in higher ed? Robert Samuels proposes that we make public higher education free. He says it's not only desirable but financially feasible.

Wed 12.04.13 (WBAI) Nurture, Not Nature?

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