Mon 1.13.14 | Incarceration, Disability, and Capitalism

Liat Ben-Moshe, “Disabling Incarceration” Critical Sociology

Liat Ben-Moshe, “The Tension Between Abolition and Reform”

Ben-Moshe, Carey, and Chapman, eds., Disability Incarcerated Palgrave, forthcoming


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Incarceration is commonly understood as detention in prisons and jails. Liat Ben-Moshe argues that the term's meaning should be broadened to include confinement in places like psychiatric hospitals, mental institutions, and even nursing homes. Ben-Moshe discusses the trend toward deinstitutionalization, the position of people with disabilities in capitalist society, and what she calls the institution-industrial complex.

Wed 1.08.14 | Orwell and the Spanish Civil War

George Orwell, Homage to Catalonia Harcourt, 1969





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Was what happened in Spain beginning in 1936 a civil war or a workers' revolution? It's called the Spanish Civil War, and it did pit Francisco Franco's forces against a democratically elected government, but what George Orwell discovered when he arrived in Spain was "a revolution in full swing." Adam Hochschild talks about the conflicts, their international context, and Orwell's Homage to Catalonia.

Wed 1.08.14 (WBAI) US and European Empire

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Tues 1.07.14 | Remote Detention

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Asylum seekers and migrants without papers are often arrested and taken to detention facilities purposely sited far from population centers -- and sometimes on remote islands. Alison Mountz discusses US, Australian, and other national policies to disperse and isolate detainees, often hiding their location from family members and potential advocates. She also describes efforts to find and assist detainees. Also, Matt Mitchelson explains the broader project of the volume to which Mountz contributed.

Mon 1.06.14 | Afghan History; Drones Today

Klassen & Albo, eds., Empire's Ally: Canada and the War in Afghanistan U. of Toronto Press, 2013

Medea Benjamin, Drone Warfare: Killing by Remote Control Verso, 2013

Amnesty International report “Will I Be Next?" and Human Rights Watch report “Between a Drone and Al-Qaeda”

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What will happen to Afghanistan if virtually all US troops are withdrawn by the end of 2014? And what has the foreign military presence in that nation achieved to date? Justin Podur talks about Afghanistan past and present, and Medea Benjamin discusses the politics and morality of drone warfare.

Wed 1.01.14 | Regarding Animals

Paul Waldau, Animal Rights: What Everyone Needs to Know Oxford U. Press, 2010

Paul Waldau, Animal Studies: An Introduction Oxford U. Press, 2013

Religion and Animals Institute

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We've all heard about human rights, but what about animal rights? What rights do animals, should animals, have, and what stands in the way of their realization? And how does the US compare with other nations in terms of animal protection commitments? Paul Waldau and his ideas are at the forefront of a growing interdisciplinary field called animal studies.

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