Wed 10.30.13 | The Multiple Meanings of "Latino"

HoSang, LaBennett & Pulido, eds., Racial Formation in the Twenty-First Century UC Press, 2012

Tomas Almaguer, Racial Fault Lines: The Historical Origins of White Supremacy in California UC Press, 2008 (2d ed.)



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To say that there are 50 million Latinos in the US is to suggest that the category of "Latino" is clear-cut and straightforward. But is that true? Tomas Almaguer highlights the ambiguities; he also examines how Latinos, a tremendously diverse population, have been racialized, and how they racialize each other. Almaguer brings up as key factors both the US Census and Spain's colonization of Mexico and Puerto Rico.

Tues 10.29.13 | Danticat and Chomsky

Edwidge Danticat, Claire of the Sea Light Knopf, 2013

Edwidge Danticat, ed., Haiti Noir Akashic, 2012




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Haitian-American writer Edwidge Danticat comments on developments in Haiti, including the cholera epidemic and the rebuilding process following the 2010 earthquake. Also, Noam Chomsky assesses what's been done over the years in the name of humanitarian intervention.

Mon 10.28.13 | When Doctors Err

S. Lochlann Jain, Malignant: How Cancer Becomes Us UC Press, 2013

S. Lochlann Jain, Injury: The Politics of Product Design and Safety Law in the United States Princeton U. Press, 2006

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Medical error is, by some estimates, the third leading cause of death in the US. So does the medical malpractice system work to compensate patients (or their heirs)? According to Lochlann Jain, that system has been gutted by physicians, by insurance companies, and by lawmakers influenced by industry propaganda.

Wed 10.23.13 | Angela Davis on Feminism and Prison Abolition

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Angela Davis, a radical feminist and a leading advocate for prison abolition, works at the intersection of many issues. In a talk she gave at the University of Chicago, Davis brought up race, institutional violence, gender nonconformity, Palestine, trans politics, and the importance of subverting ideological norms.

Tues 10.22.13 | What Missionaries Provoked

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Christian missionaries operating in foreign lands did convert many people, but their activities, asserts Heather Sharkey, were also intrinsically political. Sharkey describes how missionaries provoked local resistance and galvanized nationalist and ethnic (including Islamic) sentiment and organizing.

Mon 10.21.13 | Two Journeys

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In a recent talk, scott crow spoke about how he came to anarchist politics and grassroots organizing, and about how his ideas evolved. And Mike Brodie, who's traveled 50,000 miles through 46 states, describes the train-hopping culture he encountered, joined, and photographed.

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