Mon 8.25.14 | The Rise and Fall of Socialist Humanism

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Socialist humanist ideas were broadly championed by key thinkers in the mid-20th century, like E.P. Thompson, Fanon, Marcuse, and Fromm, but have now disappeared seemingly without a trace. Barbara Epstein and Kevin Anderson explore socialist humanism's rise and fall, in part as postmodernism took center stage as an ideological current. They argue that the left is not better off without it.

Wed 8.20.14 | Boycotting Israel, Defending Academic Freedom

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Israel's attack on Gaza, which has killed over two thousand people, has left many wondering what sort of action they can take to register their outrage and put pressure on Israel. David Palumbo-Liu argues in favor of the strategy of Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions, or BDS, against Israel. He also discusses the case of Steven Salaita, a US academic who lost his position after making statements critical of Israel on Twitter.

Mon 8.18.14 | Schizophrenia and Race

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The diagnosis of mental illness has always been colored by social biases, but a striking shift occurred during the turmoil of the Civil Rights and Black Power movements. Jonathan Metzl describes how African American men became disproportionately diagnosed with schizophrenia, which was reclassified as a disease of the violent, and how that skewed diagnosis continues to this day. (Encore broadcast.)

Wed 8.13.14 | Exit Right

Raymond Craib




It's a vision for a gated community of the rich, where everything is private and no taxes are paid, far outside of the sovereign territory of the nation-state. Historian Raymond Craib talks about visions for right-wing libertarian enclaves, from the failed attempt to build the Republic of Minerva on a coral reef in the South Pacific, to the Seasteading Institute plan to construct a floating city off of San Francisco. (Encore presentation.  Listen to the program here.)

Tues 8.12.14 | Gentrification and the San Francisco Bay Area

Rachel Brahinsky, The Death of the City? Boom

Anti-Eviction Mapping Project

What's the Matter with San Francisco?  Boom Summer 2014

Heart of the City

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Is San Francisco as we know it disappearing? Are high rents and evictions spelling the end of its glorious bohemianess? Geographer Rachel Brahinsky thinks it's a bit more complicated. She reflects on  whether tech workers are the problem, and the sharing economy the solution. And she situates this latest wave of gentrification within the cycle of booms and busts that characterize the San Francisco Bay Area and elsewhere.

Mon 8.11.14 | Migration and Empire

Shailja Patel, Migritude Kaya Press, 2010

Shailja Patel on Twitter






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Migrations have been a constant of human history, but migration under the conditions of modern empire, and postcolonialism, is something quite distinct and fraught. Performance artist and poet Shailja Patel discusses the experience of migration and empire, as refracted through her own life and that of her family, Kenyans of South Asian descent -- from the Mau Mau Uprising to Idi Amin's expulsion of Ugandans of South Asian heritage, from Kenya to the UK and the US. (Encore presentation.)

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