Tues 11.26.13 | Ugly Chapters

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Native American remains were routinely dug up and collected over a period of almost two centuries; by some estimates, one million skeletons were looted. How could this happen? And what role did museums, as well as academics based at places like UC Berkeley, play in these large-scale desecrations? Tony Platt has written an expose. Also, James Miller discusses the notorious case of the so-called Scottsboro Boys.

Mon 11.25.13 | Nurture, Not Nature?

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It's an argument widely accepted within, and forcefully promoted by, feminist and queer circles: Gender and sexuality are socially constructed; they are the product of only socialization and social norms. Julia Serano believes this crucially ignores the role played by biology. She forwards what she calls a holistic model of gender and sexuality.

Mon 11.18.13 | US and European Empire

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After World War II, the US pushed the European imperial powers to abandon their colonies; it also adopted an anticolonial stance based on its democratic, anti-imperial values and principles. That's the conventional narrative -- but is it correct? Julian Go confronts the widely propagated notion of American exceptionalism and discusses the postwar rise of US global power.

Wed 11.13.13 | Private (Intellectual) Property

Sean Andrews, “Locked Out” Jacobin





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How should we understand copyright politically? Is it mainly a mechanism for protecting creative individuals, and therefore worth defending, or is it politically problematic, and must be opposed? Sean Andrews talks about copyright in the context of corporations, the commons, and political dissent historically.

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