Wed 1.01.14 | Regarding Animals

Paul Waldau, Animal Rights: What Everyone Needs to Know Oxford U. Press, 2010

Paul Waldau, Animal Studies: An Introduction Oxford U. Press, 2013

Religion and Animals Institute

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We've all heard about human rights, but what about animal rights? What rights do animals, should animals, have, and what stands in the way of their realization? And how does the US compare with other nations in terms of animal protection commitments? Paul Waldau and his ideas are at the forefront of a growing interdisciplinary field called animal studies.

Tues 12.31.13 | A Look Back

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Several highlights from 2013, including David Graeber on private property; Priya Kandaswamy on the politics of "deservingness"; Ron Glass on Paulo Freire's radical pedagogy; Rashad Shabazz on prisons and disease; and Eduardo Galeano.

Mon 12.30.13 | Sustaining Activism

Jeffrey Rubin & Emma Sokoloff-Rubin, Sustaining Activism: A Brazilian Women's Movement and a Father-Daughter Collaboration Duke U. Press, 2013

Rubin & Sokoloff-Rubin, “International Women’s Day and Gender Equality in Brazil” Americas Quarterly

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What happens when an historian brings his teenage daughter along to study a women's movement begun by teenagers? And what can a social movement in rural Brazil tell us about activism, social change, and possibilities for greater democracy? Jeffrey Rubin and Emma Sokoloff-Rubin tell the story of women who fought for social justice and for equality at home.

Wed 12.25.13 (WBAI) What Empire Ruins

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Wed 12.25.13 | Strange Brew

Rethinking Marxism






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In the US there are feminists and there are conservative Christian women. There's certainly no overlap -- or is there? Ellen Flournoy describes what the intersection of evangelical Christianity, postmodernity, and feminism looks like; she also points to the confluence of consumer capitalism and Christian ideals.

Tues 12.24.13 | Capitalist Dynamics

Cynthia Kaufman, Getting Past Capitalism: History, Vision, Hope Lexington Books, 2013 (paper)




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For people who oppose capitalism, what use are elections? Does it make sense to work to reform the capitalist system, or is more drastic action necessary? And by what mechanisms and forms of agency does capitalism perpetuate itself? Cynthia Kaufman believes a nuanced account of capitalism must inform efforts to challenge it.

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