Mon 7.07.14 | Radical Reaction

Corey Robin, The Reactionary Mind: From Edmund Burke to Sarah Palin Oxford University Press, 2011




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Many leftists may believe that reactionary thought is a contradiction in terms -- that there is no intellectual complexity, substance, or allure to conservative ideas. But that, political scientist Corey Robin argues, is wrong. He discusses the motivations and power of reactionary thought, as well as how conservatives have been avid students of left movements. (Encore presentation.)

Wed 7.02.14 | Incarceration, Disability, and Capitalism

Liat Ben-Moshe, “Disabling Incarceration” Critical Sociology

Liat Ben-Moshe, “The Tension Between Abolition and Reform”

Ben-Moshe, Carey, and Chapman, eds., Disability Incarcerated Palgrave, 2014


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Incarceration is commonly understood as detention in prisons and jails. Liat Ben-Moshe argues that the term's meaning should be broadened to include confinement in places like psychiatric hospitals, mental institutions, and even nursing homes. Ben-Moshe discusses the trend toward deinstitutionalization, the position of people with disabilities in capitalist society, and what she calls the institution-industrial complex. (Encore presentation.)

Tues 7.01.14 | Age of Humans or Age of Capital?

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The effects of human-generated climate change have become ever visible, from droughts to raging wildfires to floods and superstorms. So are we now living in a new geological epoch? Jason W. Moore argues against the notion of the Anthropocene -- or the age of humans -- in understanding global warming. He posits that we should instead see climate change as the product of the Capitalocene, or age of capital.

Mon 6.30.14 | Torture, Ethically Speaking

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Is torture ever morally permissible? For what purposes does the US government practice torture? And what should we make of the oft-repeated ticking time bomb scenario? Rebecca Gordon contends that examining torture through the lens of virtue ethics helps us understand what torture does in relation to its targets, its practitioners, and society at large.

Wed 6.25.14 | Africa's Land Rush

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In Africa, corporations and nation-states are acquiring vast amounts of land, in a move reminiscent of classical imperialism. Sociologist Fouad Makki discusses the enclosure, or privatization, of land in countries like Ethiopia, with terrible social and ecological consequences. He traces the land rush to the global financial crisis, rising food prices, and the inner dynamics of capitalism itself.

Tues 6.24.14 | Reclaiming Communism

Jodi Dean, The Communist Horizon Verso, 2012

Jodi Dean's blog





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It's a dead idea, or so we're told, now discarded in the dustbin of history. But political theorist and media scholar Jodi Dean believes communism remains a powerful ideological force; she argues that the left should claim the term without apology. Dean also discusses the successes and limitations of Occupy Wall Street, and advocates revamping the party as an organizational form.

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