Mon 8.11.14 | Migration and Empire

Shailja Patel, Migritude Kaya Press, 2010

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Migrations have been a constant of human history, but migration under the conditions of modern empire, and postcolonialism, is something quite distinct and fraught. Performance artist and poet Shailja Patel discusses the experience of migration and empire, as refracted through her own life and that of her family, Kenyans of South Asian descent -- from the Mau Mau Uprising to Idi Amin's expulsion of Ugandans of South Asian heritage, from Kenya to the UK and the US. (Encore presentation.)

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Wed 7.23.14 | Shari'a and Islamic Law: A Primer

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Some say shari'a is taking over, that it's infiltrating the US and must be stopped. But what does shari'a mean, exactly? And what does Islamic law actually prescribe (and proscribe)? Mohammad Fadel and Lena Salaymeh, both university-based Islamic legal scholars and part of islawmix, share their expertise. (Encore presentation.)

Tues 7.22.14 Rosa Luxemburg's Legacy

Annelies Laschitza, Georg Adler, and Peter Hudis, eds., Letters of Rosa Luxemburg Verso, 2011





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Proponent of the mass strike and socialist democracy, advocate of anticapitalism and anti-imperialism -- Rosa Luxemburg is a thinker for our tumultuous times. Peter Hudis, editor of the planned 14-volume The Complete Works of Rosa Luxemburg, talks about the pioneering Marxist theoretician and leader, and explains why her radical politics and vision endure nearly a century after her assassination. (Encore presentation.)

Mon 7.21.14 | Stuart Hall on Representations in the Media

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The mass media represents a variety of things, phenomena, and events in certain ways, and media consumers constantly take in those representations and images. Stuart Hall investigated the nature of those representations, their impact on us, and how we can and sometimes do respond. The prominent cultural theorist and British leftist, who died in February, also linked media representations to the way power operates in society.

Wed 7.16.14 | Imperial Suburbs

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In the early days of the CIA, Allen Dulles moved the agency from Washington, D.C. to the suburbs, spawning a complex of government and private entities in the service of US empire. Scholar Andrew Friedman unearths the significance of the national security state's base in Northern Virginia. He examines the imperial ties and intimate connections between agents -- such as well-known female science fiction writer James Tiptree -- and their collaborators in Africa, Vietnam, Iran, Central America, and elsewhere.

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