Wed 9.04.13 | National Rhetorics, Native Claims

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National memorials and parks bombard visitors with rhetorics of nationhood. But the official stories propagated at such sites leave out critical things, including, asserts Stephen Germic, the claims of American Indians to territory and recognition. Germic examines a range of Native initiatives, both legal and militant, to assert their presence in the face of official processes of erasure.

Wed 9.04.13 (WBAI) The Punitive Turn

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Mon 9.02.13 | Peasantry to Precarity

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An astonishing number of people in China are moving from peasantry to what's called precarity. They're moving from the countryside into cities to take precarious jobs in the urban informal economy. Sarah Swider has lived and worked alongside migrant construction workers; she describes employment arrangements, exploitation, and prospects for Chinese migrant worker solidarity.

Wed 8.28.13 | The Case For Free Tuition

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With college tuitions rising, student debt soaring, corporate agendas dictating research, and academic job security under attack, what do we do about the multiple crises in higher ed? Robert Samuels proposes that we make public higher education free. He says it's not only desirable but financially feasible.

Tues 8.27.13 | Machines, Capital, Ecology

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What are technology and the proliferation of workplace machinery doing to the labor process, and to the workers themselves? And what's the relationship between capitalist production and environmental degradation? Stanley Aronowitz and Richard Smith spoke at this year's Historical Materialism conference in New York City.

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