Tues 4.29.14 | Race, Gender, Intersectionality

HoSang, LaBennett & Pulido, eds., Racial Formation in the Twenty-First Century UC Press, 2012

Omi & Winant, Racial Formation in the United States (2d ed.) Routledge, 1994

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According to Priya Kandaswamy, race is socially constructed, and that process takes place within a heavily gendered context. In fact, she asserts, race is fundamentally inseparable from gender, sexuality, and class, and social movements (and many feminist activists) ignore this fact and its implications at their peril. (Encore presentation.)

Mon 4.28.14 | Feminism and Neoliberalism

Nancy Fraser, "Feminism, Capitalism, and the Cunning of History" New Left Review




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Second wave feminism arguably changed the lives of Americans more than any other movement of the New Left. Yet did it have the unintended consequence of bolstering a new form of capitalism taking shape? Noted feminist critic Nancy Fraser discusses the simultaneous rise of the women's movement and neoliberalism and argues for a renewed feminism today. (Encore presentation.)

Wed 4.23.14 | Predisposed to Explode

Gilbert Achcar, The People Want: A Radical Exploration of the Arab Uprising UC Press, 2013




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Gilbert Achcar disapproves of the term “Arab Spring.” He thinks the uprisings that began in late 2010 are only the beginning of a long-term revolutionary process. Achcar points to underlying socioeconomic factors and conditions in his effort to locate the deep roots of the upheaval.

Tues 4.22.14 | Collective Acts

Free Association, Moments of Excess: Movements, Protest, and Everyday Life PM Press, 2011




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To what degree do past ideas and forms of organizing help or hinder emergent social movements? Two members of the UK-based Free Association, Keir Milburn and David Harvie, reflect on the potentially transformative experience of collective action. They discuss the openings and problems that were faced by the antiglobalization movement and, in the wake of the global financial crisis, the recent movements against austerity.

Mon 4.21.14 | Reclus's Radical Vision

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Elisée Reclus was a social geographer and anarchist who, according to John Clark, introduced a strongly ecological dimension to anarchist thinking. Clark describes the various forms of domination that the French thinker observed and detested, and discusses the process of historical investigation that Reclus believed was essential to forging societies that functioned in harmony with each other and with the earth.

Wed 4.16.14 | Wasting Away

Tristram Stuart, Waste: Uncovering the Global Food Scandal Norton, 2009





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Could it be that what we don't eat is destroying our environment? Historian Tristram Stuart argues that the vast amount of food that is wasted by manufacturers, supermarkets, farmers, and consumers -- up to 50 percent of food grown in this country -- has massive ecological consequences, leading to the depletion of the oceans, the decimation of rainforests to grow grains for livestock, and mountains of methane-emitting landfills. (Encore presentation.)

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